Staycation is almost over. Today was my first opportunity to sleep in--and I did! The week has flown by--where has it gone?? I mean, I know I was in Central Maine for a couple days but the rest of the week is just... gone!

I had to do some adulting this week. I finally convinced my car dealer service department that my front windows are not frozen. And I had to make sure that the warranty covered it, too, and I might have been a bit snarky when I said this is the third time I've mentioned it. Finally, the part is going to be replaced on Tuesday. But I had to stand firm that the warranty covers it.

That's when I decided I need a personal assistant or a butler. Someone to manage those adult details for me. Because they stress me out. I wish I wasn't broke.

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The Gal Herself said...

Indeed. While binge-ing on Downton Abbey, I realized I need my own Mr. Carson.

I've recently had to get quotes from contractors and then hire one to hang dry wall. I really resented it.