ten things tuesday

Ten little things that make me happy (in random order):

1) I have many sets of Papermate InkJoy pens. They're colorful and fun.

2) Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee on my perks reward card--my local shop has any size for $1.69. How can I resist?

3) A local market/deli's prepared dinners save me from the hassle of cooking every day. I buy a family size and portion it out for the week. Much healthier than other quick and easy options.

4) Book newsletters. I love finding out about upcoming releases and all kinds of fun books. I spend a lot of time studying them.

5) Planning a mani/pedi. It's still a few weeks away because I wanted to wait until vacation and have it as a treat. I'm so excited to start wearing sandals again.

6) On Demand tv. I've been trying out new shows (Imposters) and catching up on last year's shows (Designated Survivor).

7) Ordering food online or from apps. Wow. Convenient.

8) Lighter, brighter colors. I'm starting in on the spring layers. I'm tired of the winter darks. And I swear I'm not wearing cords again this year.

9) HBO's Big Little Lies. Based on the Liane Moriarity novel. The cast is ah-may-zing!

10) My knitting community on Ravelry. I learn so much from the message boards--techniques, fibers, all kinds of things!


Elise Anderson said...

Hey, sorry to use your comments like this, but I was wondering are you continuing the yarn along? No pressure, just let me know if you are. You know where to find me!

Kwizgiver said...

I tried emailing Ginny but haven't heard anything.

The Gal Herself said...

I think I'm going to binge on Big, Little Lies. And OnDemand is soooooo liberating! Unless it's a live event -- like a Cubs game or the Oscars -- I don't think anything is appointment tv anymore.