ten things tuesday

Ten things I like that are red:

1) Red hair. My sisters and I are all gingers, which is unusual. We all have various shades of red. Mine has changed the most--going from vibrant red to an almost beige-y strawberry blond. It's fun to be a redhead, though.

2) Pomegranate. One my favorite fruits. I love the sweet, tart crunch.

3) Red Jello. I don't even care what flavor it's supposed to be, I like my jello red!

4) Sunset. I haven't seen many sunsets in these past months and I miss the lingering shades of red into purple.

5) Simply Red. I know, I know. But I like Mick Hucknall. So much so that I copied his short hair style in the early 90s.

6) The ruby. Many years ago, I bought myself a pretty ruby ring. I should dig it out and see if I can get it reset into a pendant.

7) Red Velvet Cake. We even have a family secret recipe.

8) This blanket. I can't quite capture the color but it's a deep, rich, luxurious red. I bought it for myself but realized that my stepmom needed a new blanket so I gave it to her. It's her favorite, too.

9) My felted knitting project bag. It's a wine-red. Easy to keep track of.

10) My favorite hat--I love the bright red color and it doesn't smoosh my hair too much! It was an easy pattern and I've made several more but not using this awesome yarn.


Paula said...

What I fun post. My husband was a ginger! I love red hair. And red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing!!

Mary said...

Out here in the rural parts there are many lovely sunsets, moons amd fabulous stars. Pheople in cities miss a lot!