ten things tuesday

Ten things I like that are green:

1) Trees: when they begin to bud in spring, it's such a tender green. Then when the leaves unfurl and grow, their dark greens are gorgeous.

2) Grass: on my daily commute, I have the luxury of driving through fields framed by rolling hills. So pretty.

3) Money: 'Nuff said.

4) My eyes: they are dark green hazel.

5) Lights: GO!

6) Ink: half of my tattoos are green. I still love my four-leaf clover tattoo best!

7) Ireland: the name Emerald Isle fits. When I flew over, I couldn't believe how vivid green it was. And I love all things Ireland.

8) Pens: I don't often correct with red ink, I tend to use green. Much happier than red.

9) Apples: Granny Smith, tart apples are my favorite.

10) Leafy: I like all leafy-greens but a partial to spinach.

1 comment:

Paula said...

Because of our warm weather here, the trees have begun to bud. I hate that because I know that winter is not over!! I would have put money on the list as #1.