sunday stealing

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The Racquet Questions

01 What is the worst nickname that anyone has ever called you? Fat-derived words

02 Have you got a favorite flower? peony

03 Do you add a sauce, ketchup or other artificial flavorings to your food? it depends on the food

04 Describe yourself using only words that begin with the letter 'T'. Teacher

05 What is/was your lover's pet name for you? it was "love"

06 What is your least favorite color? yellow

07 Who did you vote for in the last election, and did they win? my candidate did not win the electoral college

08 What is/was your grandfathers’ names? Paul and Alfred

09 What is the best present you ever received? any of them

10 What is 17 1/2% of 97 + 42 x (6 / 2) – 137 ? [Editor's note: Holy shit!] nobody cares

11 What would be the best possible way you could die? peacefully

12 Given the choice of absolutely anything, what would be your dream job? something that doesn't require homework

13 What position do you sleep in at night? on my left side

14 What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you? oh, lord, there are too many to think of

15 Who is your favorite fictional character? Arthur Weasley

16 What food do you hate most in the world? liver and onions

17 When was the last time you were ill? *knock wood* it's been awhile

18 If you were transformed into a wild creature, what would it be? a

19 What was your favorite toy as a child, and whatever happened to it? my teddy bear and I loved him to pieces

20 What's the most amazing thing you've ever seen? the city lights of Paris coming on from the top of the Eiffel Tower


Stacy said...

Peonies are such lovely old-fashioned flowers. I've tried to grow them several times, but I guess they don't like my soil. I content myself with admiring my neighbor's. She has a whole row of them and they are just gorgeous when blooming.

I am Harriet said...

Oh lawd! My M-I-L use to make liver and onions. I will NEVER NEVER NEVER forget that smell!!! EW....

Cat. said...

Oh god liver. I had to eat at last half of it before I could leave the table. It was sheer torture.

Then when I was in college I found out my mom hated liver too! WTH, Mom, WTH!?!

CountryDew said...

My grandmother had peonies. Every time I see some, I think of her. I should plant some.

katie eggeman said...

I am weird I love Liver and Onions. I first saw peonies when we bought a house in Michigan...they were in our yard..what a surprise when they blossomed in the spring.

The Gal Herself said...

#18? What animal? Give it up.