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Hello, January

You are the month that gets no love from me and I'm sorry about that. You are full of possibilities and fresh starts and I should embrace you because of those. Instead, I find myself wallowing in the bitter cold, deep snow, and desire for hibernation. January is the month that I acknowledge my slow descent into depression. Without fail, January, without fail.

I vow--from today forward--that I will embrace you for the possibilities and freshness. I will no longer whine about how cold it is. I will celebrate the lengthening days and the sunlight when we have it.

Be kind.


Paula said...

I feel the exact same way. Why is that winter has to last so long. And summer seems so short?

Erika said...

Between the short days, post-holiday letdown and cold weather, it's no wonder!

katie eggeman said...

I am afraid I can only whine about January. It is starting out very cold.

Leslie said...

It seems I'm the odd one here.
This is my favorite season.
I live in California, so I don't have the COLD and some others do.

The Gal Herself said...

What a wise post!