ten things tuesday

Ten things I need to do:

1) File my taxes. I'm hoping to get something back.

2) Put together a sample of assignments for each class. The Superintendent wants to see a typical assignment for each class. Kind of a hassle to gather up the assignment, list the target, rubric, and student sample.

3) Snake my tub drain. Glamorous life of mine.

4) Post grades. It's the start of the second semester, the third quarter of the school year. And I have no grades in my gradebook. Yikes!

5) Update seating charts and rosters. The routine paperwork needs to be done.

6) Keep working away at the shawl I'm knitting. I think it might be for me!

7) Look for a discussion guide for the library book group discussion tomorrow. Since I didn't re-read the book I don't have fresh discussion questions and will have to rely on something I find online--if they are available!

8) Finish my library audio book. I'm listening to Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca. It's a little slow. But it's quite compelling.

9) Print some baby pictures! My great-nephews were joined by a great-niece last weekend! I've got to update all four of the glorious little people's pictures. Two toddlers, two infants.

10) Spend an afternoon sorting and filing. I have a pile of papers that I shared with my student teacher last fall--and he returned them but I have yet to re-file and reorganize everything. I wish he had given me back at the end of each unit before I put my materials away. Now I have to dig through my files and figure out where things belong. Ah well--he returned things!


Paula said...

Sounds like you have a good bit of things to accomplish!

Me, Myself, and I said...

Rebecca is one of my favorite books. I wonder...does the oppressive scariness of it carry into the spoken word?