ten things tuesday

Boosted from Snarkypants, because it's a very fun idea: Things that formerly interested me but now, not so much...

1) American Idol. I stopped watching faithfully in 2012, so it's been a lot of years. The contestants all sound alike to me. It was exciting and original but now there are so many talent shows on a national platform that it's not as exciting or original.

2) Baking and cooking. When OCD flared up, about ten years ago, I had to stop baking because of my compulsions to wash every utensil before and immediately after using it, which was inconvenient and tiring. Now that the OCD is under control, I just don't have the oomph to go back to baking and cooking. This is the same time period I would have to check and re-check the silverware drawer to make sure the forks and spoons were nesting correctly and hadn't tipped over.

3) Sitcoms. I haven't found anything I really enjoy in the past few seasons. Nothing is smart and funny.

4) Baths. I would luxuriate in the tub for hours on end. Soaking in delightful, delicious potions. Not so much anymore. A utilitarian shower is all I want.

5) Space movies.

6) Oprah.

7) Gourmet coffee. We used to have a nifty coffee shop in town, but it closed. I understand a new one is opening soon, so I'll try it out. But I'm really over the fancy schmancy coffee. I just want a cup of regular coffee. And I love my daily Dunkin' Donuts.

8) Clothes shopping. After the big purge of last summer, I've not been buying clothes. That's a really big deal for me, as I definitely believe in retail therapy.

9) The mall. The mall in my town is a joke. There is little variety, few stores, and lots of empty spaces.

10) Magazines. I had more subscriptions than I cared to count for a few years. Then I winnowed it down to digital copies of Oprah and Redbook and People magazines. I haven't read a magazine in months!

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The Gal Herself said...

So sad to hear about your mall. Going to the mall still always refreshes me, even if I don't buy (much).

And shocked that you've "broken up" with Oprah!

BTW, AI is over. Done. It ceases to be. So clearly you're not the only one who moved on.