saturday 9

A New Day Has Come

1) This song is about a new day. Here we are celebrating a new year. What do you hope for in 2017? I hope it's kind

2) Ms. Dion has said this song was influenced by the events of 9/11, and how a new day dawned after tragedy. Looking back on 2016, did something happen that you're glad to leave behind and move away from? I hope the election cycle will spur me and others to become more agents of political change

3) In the video, Celine serenades us from billowy white clouds. Describe the sky where you are as you answer these 9 questions. the sky is cloudy, there is no sun

4) This video was shot in West Palm Beach, FL. When settlers arrived in the late 1870s, the town was called Lake Worth County. OK, your turn. Tell us something about your hometown. My hometown is the largest city in the largest county in the largest state in New England.

5) Celine Dion's native tongue is French. Dites-nous quelque chose en Français. Il fait très froid dehors.

6) Celine's mother, Therese, is known in her Quebec neighborhood as a terrific cook. Think about your own domestic talents. Where do you excel? (Food prep, house cleaning, laundry, scheduling, etc.) I excel in creating and maintaining clutter. And I'm great at laundry.

7) Growing up, Celine and her siblings often performed in her family's piano bar. Where did you most recently enjoy an adult beverage? my bestie and I had dinner out and had wine because we are remembering we're adults

8) In 2002, when this song was popular, Kmart was in the news because the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. What department store to you shop at most often? I haven't been to a department store in a very long time--I shop online

9) Random question: It's time for a midnight snack and you have your choice of one of these three -- a slice of sausage pizza, a bagel with lox and cream cheese, or a piece of carrot cake. Which will you have? And what shall we bring you to drink? midnight snack would be pizza and I'll have water, please!


CountryDew said...

Good at creating clutter! Ha! Great answer. Best one to that question!

Stacy said...

I think the secret to being agents of political change is not to completely discount the feelings of one section of the population. From where I sit, doing that is what created the silent majority who elected Trump. They felt their views, feelings, and way of life were being totally written off. The other candidate called them "deplorables" for heaven's sake. We've all got to find a way to work together.

Diana_CT said...

" I excel in creating and maintaining clutter." Yup, same here. I am not a hoarder but rather just messy.

katie eggeman said...

Clutter is my middle name....I excel at moving my clutter from room to room

The Gal Herself said...

I think it's adorable that you had wine with lunch because you're adults now. ;)

Mary said...

Wow. Oohlala! No notice of the weather? C'est tres chic! There is longer day length to cheer us on, n'est pas?