think write thursday

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Talk about the ways you stay positive when it feels like everything is going wrong.

My initial response was RETREAT! But I can't really do that. Ok, here are ways I stay positive.

Wallow. I allow myself some wallow time, like 30 minutes or so.

Let It Go. Therapy taught me how to let it go--whatever "it" might be. Acknowledge and move on.

Music. Listening is always good.

Books. Escaping and redirecting my attention.

Vent. Either here, on my humble blog, or through some other medium.


Juliann in WA said...

This is a good list!

Elise Anderson said...

Knitting makes me happy no matter what. Blogging takes my focus so far away from troubles and pain, I forget. Reading transports me. Music souths me. Thanks for a helpful, positive post! Tomorrow I'm posting on upcoming KALs in January 2017! Really fun knits! Check it out, it's posting Friday, 12/23 5 AM EST (if I figured that auto post out). http://lovelyyarnescapes.blogspot.com/