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This first day of December is a snow day. We got hit with snow Tuesday night, about 7 inches or so, and we are getting up to 14 with this storm. Although I enjoy this snow day off and it's pretty, I really do hate winter.

However, December ushers in what truly is the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. I love everything about the holidays. I realize lots of people find it stressful and less than fun, but over the years I've winnowed my traditions to those that bring me real joy. I don't overdo anything but I also don't limit myself.

So, on one hand, the weather makes me unhappy it's the other hand that fills me with a great spirit. Bring on the festivities!


Bonny said...

What a way for December to say hello! I don't work in a school library any more, so I do miss the excitement of that first snow day. Stay safe in all that snow and carry on the festivities with joy!

Paula said...

While I love to look at snow, I don't like getting out in it. So a snow day would be a good thing. I just need to make sure we are prepared to stay in should we get hit with 7 inches. Happy you are happy!!