ten things tuesday

Ten things rattling around:

1) The local police department posted on Facebook that there is a bad batch of heroin "in the area" and that they urge us to keep track of loved ones who may be using, in case they get ahold of it. There have been sirens all day long, and I guess I'm glad I know why. Sad.

2) I've been staying up later than I usually do and sleeping in much later than I normally do. It's luxury.

3) We're going to get a whopper of a storm this week. Thursday into Friday, potentially 16 inches of snow.

4) The Breakfast Club is supposed to meet tomorrow but now I don't know what time we're getting together.

5) I'm between knitting projects and it took forever for me to decide what to work on next. I finally decided on the Honey Cowl.

6) I am shocked and saddened by Carrie Fisher's death.

7) I am shocked and saddened by George Michaels' death.

8) Change is coming to my local laundromat. New owners, new hours, new machines. So much change! And the new owners are closing the competition, so I wonder what that's going to do--will it be busier? *sigh* change [mutter grumble]

9) Tomorrow I'm planning to use my gift certificates. I will get yarn and fun stuff.

10) The Kenedy Center Honors is always a great tribute. So humbling to honor all that talent.

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