friday 5

  1. What caused your most recent tummy ache?
  2. going to bed too soon after eating
  3. What caused your most recent heartache?
  4. being a sensitive soul
  5. How did you deal with your most recent headache?
  6. ignored it until it went away
  7. How do you deal with a sore throat?
  8. usually with Hall's throat drops
  9. Where else do you ache?
  10. my right heel is tender


zippiknits...sometimes said...

I ignore headaches, too. And I use some zinc lozenges at the first inkling of a cold or sore throat.

I'm still looking for that KAL on Rav. I'll find it, never fear. Just wanted you to know that I am looking for it. May pm you.

The Gal Herself said...

I live in terror of migraines, so if I get a headache I pop a pill right away. (Please, please, no more migraines!)

And I'm glad you're a sensitive soul, even with the pain.