friday 5

  1. What was your highlight in dining for 2016?
  2. my trip to NYC included some wonderful meals
  3. What was your highlight in relationships for 2016?
  4. being present with my friends
  5. What was your highlight in entertainment for 2016?
  6. my trip to NYC to see my friend John on Broadway
  7. What was your highlight in self-improvement for 2016?
  8. I purged my closet, including shoes
  9. What was your highlight in completing something for 2016?
  10. I beat my Goodreads reading goal


onebadscrivener said...

My dad's entire side of the family is from NYC and I have never been, except to switch planes. I can't imagine how a small-island boy like me would handle all the stimuli, between food, sights, and entertainment. I'm eager to find out someday soon.

The Gal Herself said...

Funny you should mention the closet/shoe thing! I was just thinking about doing that tomorrow! (Let's hope I'm as productive as you were.)

Anonymous said...

What B'way play was your friend in?