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Ten things I like about this season:

1) I like November sunsets. I think they're the most beautiful of the year.

2) I like wearing my lighter layers, I'm not sick of my winter clothes yet.

3) I like the heated seats in my new car! It's my first time having them and they are a gift from the gods!

4) I like hibernating. It's getting colder and I can hunker down.

5) I like listening to my Christmas music. I start early and often. And I know it's somewhat unpopular for me to start but I have a sizeable collection.

6) I like knitting gifts. I try to alternate one gift with one charity project.

7) I like the new TV season. Most of the networks have new programming and it's fun to try different shows. I love This Is Us.

8) I like getting into my groove teaching. Although right now I have a student teacher and I really miss direct instruction with the kiddos.

9) I like that there are lots of things going on in my community--concerts, hunter's breakfasts, craft fairs, library talks, and school events.

10) I like that there's no humidity and it's not sweltering in my apartment. I'm not a fan of the hot, humid days.


Bonny said...

Heated seats! I don't have them in my current car, but my old one did, and I miss them!

katie eggeman said...

I will never buy another car without seat heaters.

Paula said...

I have had heated seats for a number of years. And I cannot imagine not having them. But my grandkids like to play pranks that involve the seats. When it is very hot outside they like to sneak over and turn my seat on. Grrrrrr! You have met your reading goal!! Good for you

AsKatKnits said...

Yes, yes for layers and cool weather clothes feeling new! Now, ask me again in January and it will be a different story!

Leslie said...

Can't say enough good about fall