ten things tuesday

Ten things on my desk--I use daily!

From bottom right:
Tissues. And my coffee and a water bottle because one or the other is always near the tissues.
Hall passes.
Good smelly hand sanitizer, this is my current favorite.
Stamps for student work.  Amazing how excited my students get for these goofy faces on their papers.
Middle row: from left to right:
Paperweight from Poland, a gift from a friend.
Stress brain and date rape awareness duck.  I seem to have toys around me all the time.
Month at a glance calendar.
Post-its.  Just a few, I do have many more.
Big picture:
Paperclip box with a little pencil on it.
Bucket of pens/pencils for students.


Cat. said...

It's not a teacher's desk without kleenex, pencils/pens, and... a date rape duck??

Things have certainly changed in the past 30 years.

The Gal Herself said...

Love the stamp idea! That would make me happy on my manuscripts today.