saturday 9


1) In this song, Liza Minnelli encourages you to put down "the knitting, the book and the broom." Which of those three were you most recently doing: knitting, reading or housework? I was listening to an audiobook while knitting and definitely NOT doing housework

2) She sings that we shouldn't allow "some prophet of doom to wipe every smile away?" Do you know anyone who reliably looks at the downside of life? yes, there are several teachers who are total downers, I try to avoid them

3) In 1972, when this recording was popular, so was The Brady Bunch. In the two-part season premiere, The Bradys went to Hawaii. Do you have any warm weather vacation plans this fall/winter? I do not

4) Though not her uncle, just a friend to both of her parents, Liza always called Frank Sinatra as "Uncle Frank." Is there an older person in your life who isn't a blood relative, but who refer to as "aunt" or "uncle?" I consider one of Dad's friends to be like a mother

5) Liza collapsed onstage during a Christmas concert in 2007. She says she'd been nauseous before she went on and simply fainted. Sam has never fainted. Have you? I fainted during a presentation when I was in high school, people were taking notes about it and didn't see me go down

6) People are often surprised when they learn Liza is good friends with Gene Simmons -- the KISS member with the long tongue. Tell us about one of your good friends. my bestie is awesome--she supports me, listens to me, encourages me, and tolerates my love of Christmas music starting early

7) Liza told US Magazine that she loves to eat at Olive Garden. Do you? there isn't one nearby, so it's kind of a treat

8) She keeps apple juice and yogurt in her refrigerator at all times. Would we find either in your refrigerator right now? I have some yogurt

9) Random question: Which would be a more frustrating dinner companion -- someone who won't shut up, or someone who won't say a word? hmmm, I sometimes can be the quiet one (believe it or not) so I'll say someone who won't shut up


Stacy said...

Early Christmas music isn't so bad...I've started to sing it when I'm alone on the bus. I haven't checked today, but it's usually about this time that the local oldies station makes the switch to all Christmas music all the time. I bet I will find that to be the case on Monday.

I am Harriet said...

I hate having to work with 'Negattive Nancy's'. They can ruin your outlook on everything- and the drama....

I would love to have you over for breakfast one day. The food is crazy good!

CountryDew said...

I am not a fan of the early Christmas music - after Thanksgiving is plenty of time. Most of our local stations are already playing carols.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Early Christmas music is lovely. It gets me in the mood to start "those" projects.. *looks abashed* I used to listen to Christmas carols very early in the year sometimes.

Olive Garden would be a nice treat. Someday maybe we'll go back. Our local one ran into a spot of bother some years ago, you see....

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Gal Herself said...

We're a yogurty bunch here at Saturday 9.

I'm starting with the Christmas music this weekend.

Bev Sykes said...

Early Christmas music is like chalk on a blackboard, especially when it starts around Halloween (as it did this year)