friday 5

  1. What are you too short to do?
  2. hang things on the top of the bulletin board at school
  3. What are you too smart to do?
  4. text or drink and drive
  5. What are you too fearful to do?
  6. dye my hair purple
  7. What are you too lazy to do?
  8. declutter
  9. What are you too young to do?
  10. retire


zippiknits...sometimes said...

Summer of Purple hair. Deal? lol

The Gal Herself said...

If you want the purple, do the purple. I used to have purple spikes back in the day, only we called it "eggplant," and it was fine.

Paula said...

I'm not too short for anything. I stand 5'10" in my stockings. But I have many fears. I wonder if purple hair would look good on me!!