ten things tuesday

Ten random things rattling around my brain:

1) Today is Mock Election day at school. The State of Maine sponsors a student election for major elections. The students running it have been super organized and are doing a great job managing it!

2) My study hall students are being very quiet today. I think some of them are playing games on their devices, but if it's keeping them quiet and entertained--I say go for it!

3) I feel a sense of relief that I voted yesterday. Like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I was proud to cast my vote for President but equally proud that I was well-informed on the referendum issues.

4) Thursday I have a massage scheduled. I cannot wait.

5) Some students are planning a "surprise" birthday party for me. Little do they realize how their voices carry. But it is very sweet of them to think of me and want to celebrate.

6) I've added three hats to my to-be-knit queue: Harvest Moon, Michele, and The Favorite Knit Slouchy. And some cowls: KP Cowl and Giftable Cowl.

7) My student teacher is starting to do the heavy lifting--teaching three of my five classes. I still am not caught up with correcting and grades, though. I seem to be using the time to create more and more elaborate tasks for my classes.

8) I have to resupply my desk chocolate. Teachers keep coming in and raiding my supply.

9) A quote I like, since my birthday is Saturday:

10) Let's have a George Clooney moment...


Paula said...

How can one NOT like a George Clooney moment!! LOL

The Gal Herself said...

Do you realize that the Cubs could CLINCH THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP on your birthday?