ten things tuesday

Ten things I did this weekend:

1) Visited with a former student for coffee. I hadn't seen him for a little more than a year. He's doing well.

2) Knit some hats for charity. I was able to finish them in a few hours each.

3) Finished an audiobook while I was knitting.

4) Met with my Breakfast Club friends. It was so nice to get together with them, we laughed and yakked like nobody's business.

5) Drove to UMaine's flagship campus to pick up my niece. A six-hour trip.

6) Loved the foliage. We oohed and ahhed the whole trip.

7) Went on another road trip to Barnes & Noble with a friend. That was a fairly epic trip!

8) Met up with a former colleague for lunch and Barnes & Noble. She moved about a year ago and it was so great to see her and catch up!

9) Started reading my November Library Book Club book, The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware.

10) Watched the debate. God help us.


Terri D said...

Let us know what the book is like. Sounds interesting. I'm with you on that last one.

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

Oh, I love that you met with a former student for coffee. My students are so little when I have them, that by the time they have grown up enough to socialize as an adult, they don't remember me anymore. :) I love when they come back to elementary school to help once they're in jr. high or high school, but after that I don't usually see them.
I hear ya on the debate. The election is exactly one month away today...I don't know how much longer I handle the insanity of it all.

The Gal Herself said...

Happy to hear that you met with your former student. It must be so wonderful to know the lasting impact you have.

I had a very hard time watching that debate. It was disturbing, and I don't understand what Trump was trying to accomplish. (I know what he was trying to DESTROY, but not to accomplish.)