my love for vampires

Vampires, zombies, monsters, oh my! I don't get the whole apocalypse-zombie thing. And monsters are like the Monsters, Inc. monsters or the Sesame Street monsters to me. But vampires--I fell in love with vampires because of Anne Rice. Here's the story...

Early in 1992, I was in Barcelona, Spain, and my friend had to work so I was wandering around the old city by myself. I needed a book to read and the only book in English was a copy of Interview With A Vampire, by Anne Rice, so I picked it up. It is a richly atmospheric book. Reading it in an old, historic city was quite an experience. I devoured the book and went on to the next in the series. But the first is my favorite.

I don't think it's the vampires that fascinated me as much as the experience of reading the book--sitting in small cafes, surrounded by a language I don't speak. But I have a soft spot for vampires.

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The Gal Herself said...

What a romantic story!