friday 5

  1. What’s something non-political you’re rooting for nowadays?
  2. I hope the Cubs win the World Series--The Gal has me cheering for them
  3. What were the circumstances–and who was the recipient–the last time you were part of a standing ovation?
  4. when I saw my friend John Cariani's Broadway play Something Rotten
  5. What’s a cheer you remember from high school or college?
  6. I don't remember them from when I was in school but I know all the current cheers
  7. What inanimate object in your residence deserves applause for its outstanding role in your life this past week?
  8. knitting needles
  9. When was the last time a group of people clapped for you?
  10. my students clapped for me, they were appreciative of my lame humor


Terri D said...

I enjoyed your answers!!

The Gal Herself said...

A cheer from high school: We are the Bulldogs, the mighty mighty Bulldogs. Everywhere we go, people want to know who we are. So we tell them: We are the Bulldogs, the mighty mighty Bulldogs. Everywhere ...

I looked up John Cariani and realize I know him! He was on L&O week after week, talking to Lennie Briscoe about evidence.

And thanks for the shout out. Love the good Cubbie karma. Go, Cubs, Go!