friday 5

  1. What’s something you’ve created while improvising in the kitchen?
  2. I steamed fresh asparagus in a beer glaze that was delish!
  3. In your work, how good are you at winging it?
  4. Something I have to do regularly! I'm fairly comfortable with it.
  5. When you travel, how much of your trip do you make up as you go?
  6. Most of it, unless it's an overnight trip--then I've made hotel reservations.
  7. How structured are your plans for this weekend?
  8. well, the things I have planned have times, so they're structured around that. Otherwise, I'm going on a leaf peeping trolley ride which is something I've never done and I don't know the destination, so that's not too structured.
  9. What’s something you’ve discovered while wandering around in your neighborhood?
  10. beautiful gardens


Paula said...

A leaf peeping trolley ride sounds like so much fun!

Cat. said...

Gotta admit I kinda chuckled at the first answer. Mine would have read something like "was steaming asparagus and then I knocked my beer into the pot..." (except I don't drink beer).

The Gal Herself said...

That trolley ride sounds great.