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Linking up with Ten On Tuesday this week.

This week's prompt is a check up on our Summer 2016 Bucket List!

1) Read! I'm basing my summer reading list on Modern Mrs. Darcy's "Minimalist List" of 5 books. My bestie, Virginia sister, and I are going to read together. (I have completed 4 of the 5 books on the list, as well as several other books--I've had a bonanza summer of reading!)

2) Knit! It's time to get serious knitting done for charity knits as well as plan out my holiday knitting. Every year, I find "the one" pattern that speaks to me that I know will be loved by the recipients. The search is on! (I finished knitting a baby blanket and have moved on to a few other gifts--it will be shawls this year!)

3) Road trip! I want to get in the car and toodle around. (YES!!!)

4) NYC trip! Planning a trip to see my friend John Cariani in Something Rotten on Broadway! (YES!!! It was a great trip, the play is so funny and John was a gracious host!)

5) Whoopie Pie Festival! This is an annual festival trip that my sister, niece and I have taken. It's a great kick off to summer. And I want to go to a lot of Maine's festivals this year. (This turned into an alternative trip--but it was filled with whoopie pies and fun!)

6) Friend & family time! (YES!)

7) Virginia trip! I'd love to go visit my sister and her family. This year, I'd like to fly. (Unfortunately, this did not happen because I had to buy a car, instead. But I still chat with my sister and her family daily through the magic of FaceBook and texting)

8) Pennsylvania visit! My Pennsylvania sister and her family, including the adorable baby Eli, are currently visiting. I want the weather to cooperate so this trip to Maine isn't a soggy bust. I can't wait for school to be out so I can spend all of my time with them! (This was a fantastic visit! It was hectic because of school finishing, but we had a lot of fun!)

9) Pedicures! (YES!)

10) Relax and rejuvenate! This includes naps. And lazy afternoons on the porch. (Not napping as much as I thought I would, but definitely relaxing and rejuvenating!)

All in all, I've accomplished the majority of my 2016 Summer Bucket List. It's been a great summer and I hope to squeeze a lot more into the next two weeks!

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Wow! That is fantastic! Great job!!