happy day 12

Day Twelve: It's been an emotional day. A woman who was in my group therapy group-which morphed into the Breakfast Club-died by overdose last weekend. Her funeral was today. She hadn't been joining us in the Breakfast Club for a little over a year, so we had lost touch. It's been hitting me in waves all week. This is a convoluted way to get to the happy, isn't it? But the happy is that the Breakfast Club got together today to process her death and to celebrate her life, as well as attend the service.

These women know my warts and all, more so than my sisters or my bestie. They've seen me face my shit, deny my shit, feel guilt for my shit, wallow in my shit, and triumph over my shit. They know me. We've got a bond. I love them. Knowing they are on my side and allow me to be on their sides makes me happy.

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Cat. said...

I have felt this way as well. I'm sorry you lost someone in your life, but I'm very glad you have a core group of supportive friends. That's one of the joys of life, and it's also an honor to know someone well enough, or think enough of them, to attend their funeral.