friday 5

  1. What’s your favorite song from 1999?
  2. "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None The Richer
  3. What are some of your favorite films from 1999?
  4. Shakespeare In Love
  5. What’s something interesting that happened on your birthday in 1999?
  6. I got nothin'
  7. How did you ring in the new year as 1999 became 2000?
  8. I spent the holiday with my best friends--we played games, sang karaoke, and generally toasted every hour with champagne--it was so much fun!
  9. What’s something that’s gotten better since 1999?
  10. me!


zippiknits...sometimes said...

You've got some great answers here. What's gotten better? Me! Sweet answers.

Terri D said...

Great answer to #5!! I had to look up what happened on my birthday in 1999 and let me tell you, nothing good was reported. Seemed to be bloody massacres all over the world. Good grief!!

Cat. said...

I liked that song too. It always makes me happy to hear it.

And haven't we all gotten better since [whenever]?? :-)

onebadscrivener said...

It's become popular to point to Shakespeare in Love as an example of how the Academy sometimes loses its mind and votes for unworthy pictures. I don't get it--I think it's quite a good movie! I also taught R&J for about ten years, so I suppose I have a bias in its favor, but I thought it was a creative and fun film. I especially like how it explains the Mercutio character, played by Ben Affleck. :)