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The Controversial Meme

1. Would you try a recreation drug if all were legalized? no

2. Are you happy that the U.S. Supreme Court once again upheld a woman’s right to abortion? yes

3. Would our country cope any differently with a woman president? cope? no

4. Do you believe in the death penalty? no

5. Do you wish marijuana would be legalized already? meh

6. Do you believe in God? my issue isn't wit God, it's with organized religion

7. How do you feel now that same-sex marriage is legalized? yay

8. Do you think it’s wrong that so many Hispanics are moving to the USA? no

9. A 12-year-old girl has a baby… should she keep it? wow--that's young!

10. Should the alcohol age be lowered to 18? no

11. Should the wars in the Middle East be called off? I don't think you can call off a war

12. Do you believe in spanking your children? I wouldn't

13. A mother is declared innocent after murdering her 5 children in a temporary insanity case… what do you think? the woman needs serious help

14. Would you want to prosecute someone for burning their country’s flag as a method of protest? no

15. It’s between you and a person who is being kept alive (with NO hope) by life support machines… one has to die? Who? why am I dying? it would depend on why I'm dying...

16. Are you afraid others will judge you from reading some of your answers? no

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Stacy said...

I agree with quite a few of your answers...even the religion one. We've been burned big time in traditional churches. My husband doesn't go at all now and I belong to a "home fellowship" where we meet in someone's home for teaching (which is very informal with a lot of discussion), prayer and fellowship. Our main "rule" is that we do not have a religion, we have a relationship with God.