saturday 9

Surf City

1) When the song was written, "Surf City" was a fictitious town.* Tell us a song that is set in a real place. the first thing that came to mind is "Oklahoma" where the wind comes sweepin' down the plains

2) In the song, Jan and Dean sing about riding around in a 1934 station wagon, which means the car was 29 years old when the song was recorded. How old is your vehicle? I've owned it for three weeks and it's a 2014

3) Are you good on a surf board? I have never tried

4) When you spend time out in the sun, are you careful about applying sunscreen? very, I'm a fair-skinned red heard

5) Dean's original partner was Arnie Ginsburg. When Dean was drafted into the Army, Arnie didn't feel like waiting so he abandoned show business and went back to college. Today he holds several patents. What is something you wish someone would invent? self cleaning apartment

6) Jan was a perpetual student who juggled college with recording. He not only graduated from UCLA, he completed two years of medical school at the UC Irvine School of Medicine. Have you ever considered going back to school? I have, but I won't

7) In 1966, Jan was sidelined by a serious car accident. During the years that he was unable to perform, partner Dean became a graphic artist. He designed logos and album covers for Steve Martin, Diana Ross and others. Do you feel you respond most to words, pictures, or music? probably pictures, I've been moved to tears while visiting museums

8) In 1978, CBS made a TV movie about Jan and Dean. If they approached you about a made-for-TV movie of your life, who would you like to play you? Melissa McCarthy

9) Random question: Growing up, how did you learn about the birds and the bees? (From books/the web, from parents, from your friends...) my older sisters and their friends

*Huntington Beach changed it's name to Surf City in the 1990s.


Cat. said...

The corn is just about as high as an elephant's eye here for sure! :-)

Melissa McCartney would be a riot...

Diana_CT said...

I like the idea of a self cleaning apartment or in my case a self cleaning house.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Well, it is the end of July, so the corn should be that high. lol

A self cleaning apartment (house) would be very wonderful. But would it suck up the odd socks?

I must see if Melissa McCartney is free for my film, Mr. DeVille. Many people thought of her. Hmmm?

katie eggeman said...

Now that I am older, I would like that self cleaning apt. I'd move in a blink. I am so tired of cleaning my kitchen, over and over.

CountryDew said...

Self-cleaning it is!

Suzanne McClendon said...

Museums can be very emotional places.

A self-cleaning apartment (or house!) would be wonderful. :)

Have a blessed day.

David E. McClendon, Sr. said...

Let's hear it for a self cleaning house, apartment, or whatever. I think that would be great.