Not that I'm excited or anything. But in twelve hours I will be getting ready for my 4:30 AM departure time!


  1. Hell, I'm excited! Have fun and share all.

  2. I'm flying the same time, but from Denver to Albany, and family is picking me up and then going to The Adirondacks for vacation. Hope we both have an awesome time. Finally packed and waiting. Knitting of course and I've hit on a problem with my TGV, you're doing one too right? I'm at the rib and when you follow the instructions for like the second row after increase you turn over to do k2, yo, then supposedly k2, p2, but with the increase on the other side, it's off, I have to add a knit. The pattern says stay in rib pattern, does that mean just adjust and follow the rib? Do you know? I figure that's what I'll do and it'll (hopefully) look alright. Just thought I'd pick your brain. Happy travels, all safe. :)