sunday stealing

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The King of the Beasts Meme

1. Would you post a picture of you for us? I did yesterday

2. Would you date an 18-year-old at the age you are now? no

3. Do you prefer to work with women or men? Why? as long as they do their job, gender doesn't matter

4. Do you have any opposite sex friends? I do

5. Can you commit to one person? I can

6. If you’re married or in a relationship have you ever been tempted to cheat? no

7. Do you think your life will change dramatically before 2018? no

8. If the person you are interested in says they like someone else, what would try to sway them? I wouldn't

9. Are you good at hiding your feelings? yes

11. When was the last time you cried? it's been awhile

12. Have you ever fell for someone you didn’t expect to? no

13. What is something you have to do tomorrow? laundry

14. Name something you dislike about the day you’re having. it's hot and humid

15. Have you ever wanted more from one of your best friends of the opposite sex? no

16. Have you ever wanted someone you couldn’t have? just George

17. Who was the last person you talked to before you went to bed last night? my niece

18. Do you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything to? yes

19. When was the last time that you were jealous in a romance situation? never

20. If you had to delete one year of your life completely, which would it be? 1990

21. Did you have a good day yesterday? What did you do? I went on a road trip with my niece and sister, we had fun

22. If a person you had wished you could have a relationship with for a long time and you suddenly found yourself together alone, what would you be doing right now? talking

23. Do you replay things that have happened in your head? sometimes

24. Don’t tell me lies, is the last person you texted attractive? my sister... I guess so

25. Is your life anything like it was two years ago? Is it a good or bad thing? yes and good


CountryDew said...

I hope you go to your broadway show and look across the aisle into the eyes of someone who changes your life for the better.

The Gal Herself said...

How do you enjoy Sunday Stealing, now that the questions are a surprise?