friday 5

  1. What was the last stage play you saw?
  2. Noises Off a couple of months ago
  3. Which film genres do you like most, and which least?
  4. I enjoy drama, comedy, chick flick, thriller, political, mystery, and I am not a fan of slasher films
  5. Why do some people seem always to have some kind of drama in their lives, while others apparently have very little?
  6. as a high school teacher, I ask this question daily
  7. One element of classic tragedy is the hero’s tragic flaw.  What’s yours?
  8. I grew up thinking I would die at a young age, and have avoided romantic relationships because of that magical thinking
  9. What are some lines of a play’s or film’s dialogue you can recite from memory?
  10. I can recite quite a bit of When Harry Met Sally and The Princess Bride


onebadscrivener said...

Oh, I saw Noises Off several years ago. What a terrific concept, and what a fun play.

Patty said...

#3...because they thrive on it. And that is one thing in life I will never understand!