day 6

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Where is the place you dread the most?

The dentist. The sounds, the scents, the pain, the colors--all of it. I hate the small talk.


Elise Anderson said...

This sounds horrible, but I hate going to the local library. My son felt this way and now I know how he feels. I always need to ask for help with something to do with the computer and or copying and this somewhat new librarian (it's been a few years now she's been there), always answers with this haughty tone as if she's got something much more important to do. Really I thought she was supposed to be there for us. But she kinda communicates silently that I am less than her. And she looks like the typical stereotype of a librarian. Gone are the days when we had cheerful librarians who knew me and my daughter who volunteered there for years. I send my husband instead and buy second hand books. It's not worth my day to be put off, and I used to love the library. I think it goes to show how much we can influence others by our actions. Do we make an effort to connect kindly with others and make sure they leave with a good feel inside their hearts or are we too busy, preoccupied or we don't think making quality time for others is worth it? Personal pet peeve.

Elise Anderson said...

Wanted to share muSing Monday's post and I get riled up and forget http://lovelyyarnescapes.blogspot.com/2016/06/musing-mondays.html

Jayanthy said...

Haha! My cousin is a dentist and that resolves half of my problems! ;)

shortybear said...

dread that too