day 17

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What can you guarantee will always be there?

Car repairs I can't afford.


Elise Anderson said...

I grew up in part of my summer months in a little cottage my grandfather had bought in The Adirondack Mountains. The whole family were what the locals call summer people since we had vacationed there since my great grandfather, a tuberculosis doctor (actually the head of the National Asso. For Turberculosis) had passed through the valley at the previous turn of the century. It feels like the mountains and hills and rocks never change. The little cabins interior never does. The smell is the same And this summer we'll use my grandfather's guide boat to go into camp and finish the trip to an old lodge on the Upper Lakes by a canoe my great grandfather owned, crossing paths my ancestors also walked. It's a comfort, yet humbling feeling of timelessness and we are just apart of an ever in during landscape. It feels always like I've come home.

Paula said...

Isn't that the truth!!