ten things tuesday

Ten things rattling around my brain today:

1) I have not killed the shamrock yet.

2) Contract negotiations are going well and it looks like we will finish up tomorrow night, then begins the ratification process. I'm pleased.

3) I'm heading off to a workshop tomorrow and getting ready for a substitute is way more work than being here myself.

4) Yesterday we awoke to snow. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the upper 70s.

5) I'm just about to finish the Franzen book Purity. I haven't decided if I like the story, although I appreciate how beautifully written the book is. I haven't connected with any of the characters but I'm compelled to read what's happening.

6) I'm going to try listening to podcasts. Any suggestions?

7) We still don't have a finalized schedule for final exams and they're less than a month away. I hate not knowing how to plan for the end of the semester/year.

8) In that vein, I still don't have any idea what my schedule for next year will look like. I've been asked to have a student teacher, but depending on how many Advanced Placement classes I have (a minimum of two), it depends, because student teachers aren't allowed to teach Advanced Placement courses.

9) I think spring fever has hit my classes. The kids are overly restless and wound up.

10) I started knitting a blanket for my next great nephew. Due in the end of June.


Paula said...

I just started listening to podcasts too! So far my favorite one is about Paleo eating! Glad the shamrock is still sticking around. Yikes Snow in May!! Hope it is 70* for you today!!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

I still don't listen to podcasts so have none to share.
Nice shamrock. Very green and cheery.
I knew you were getting snow and thought about you right away. Yahoo weather has a good hookup to the US Sat service and it shows almost up to the hour weather.

Happy Knitting!

Mary said...

Well, all those things mentioned here surely did happen -- somewhere... :)