ten things tuesday

Ten random things:

1) It's Teacher Appreciation Week (and today is National Teacher Day) but there has been no recognition or acknowledgement, no treats in the faculty room--nothing! Bah!

2) I'm having an informational meeting after school for the Union members to update them on the progress of contract negotiations. I hope people aren't expecting it to be a q&a session because it isn't.

3) Tomorrow is the library book club meeting. I loved the book and can't wait to talk about it.

4) I got volunteered to work on revising the student handbook. I'm hoping we can cut back on some of the unnecessary rules and regulations. And revise the dress code.

5) Got a new Nook Glowlight Plus. Lurve! It's waterproof and fingerprint proof!

6) Added an international plan to my phone so I can use it when I go to Quebec City, chaperoning the French club trip.

7) I'm wearing a new perfume, called Summer Grace by Philosophy. I like it, it's light.

8) My study hall students are gossiping furiously. I can't quite hear who the object of inspection is, though. It's not vicious so I'll let it slide.

9) And they're obsessed with Snapchat.

10) I've got a couple of cool assignments lined up for the end of the semester. I hope they go as well as I am planning for them to go.


Paula said...

I appreciate you!! Just want to let you know. Wish I was there with a plate of cookies for you!! Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

The Gal Herself said...

Will your new e-reader follow you into the tub?