saturday 9

What Hurts the Most

1) What hurts Sam the most is her sole, since she just found that earring she thought was lost by stepping on it with her bare foot. How about you? Any aches and pains to report? my body is still achy from hiking all over Quebec City. Good aches, but aches.

2) What's the last thing you misplaced? Did you find it? a paper that a student passed in, yes, I eventually found it

3) Lead singer Gary LeVox sings that he's not afraid to cry. When is the last time you shed a tear? it's been awhile since I shed a tear, but I have been deeply moved

4) Gary auditioned for another country group, Little Big Town, but didn't get in. Considering how successful Rascal Flatts has been, he's probably not sorry. Tell us about something you thought you wanted, but later weren't so sure. I always thought I wanted to teach in my hometown but now I'm glad I'm in the neighboring town

5) The country group has their roots in Columbus, Ohio. What else is Ohio known for? Ohio is the birthplace of 7 presidents! (I knew that without looking it up)

6) Lead guitarist Joe Don Rooney married model and former Miss Georgia, Tiffany Fallon. Many major pageants give prizes in the talent, congeniality and swimsuit competitions. Would you prefer to have exceptional skills, a great personality, or a terrific body? exceptional skills

7) 2006, the year this song was popular, was a very good one for tennis pro Roger Federer. He reached the finals in all four Grand Slam tournaments, and won three. What's the last game you won? (Yes, Words with Friends counts.) I won a scavenger hunt on the Quebec trip

8) Actor Tony Shalhoub won an Emmy in 2006 for his portrayal of detective Adrian Monk on Monk. Who's your favorite TV detective? Jim Rockford

9) Random question ... You've just won an all-expenses-paid trip but now you have to choose: Carnivale in Brazil, the Bordeaux Wine Festival in France, or the Running of the Bulls in Spain? I was at Carnivale in Barcelona and it was wild, I don't think I could take it in Brazil, so I'll go with the Wine Festival!


The Gal Herself said...

A scavenger hunt in Quebec! Now that sounds like fun. I envy your trip.

Diana_CT said...

Usually it is the student who says that they lost their paper, not the teacher. :)

zippiknits...sometimes said...

So you did tear up a bit for a tv show. Excellent as crying clears the head a bit. Glad you found the paper. Have a great week. Happy knitting,too.