round is a shape

Nothing reminds me that I am out of shape more than this trip has. The first day we walked 7 miles around the city, up hills and stairs. Actually, I took a taxi back to the hotel because I knew I would be way behind the group. So I probably only hiked around 5 miles. But going from no miles to many miles is a shock to the system. My legs and feet cramped something fierce, but the second day I managed to keep up with the group. Today it was hard to get my shoes on, not only the bending, but the swollen feet. I'm so glad I've been wearing my walking sneakers all trip. 

We have some free time and I opted to hang out in the lobby. 

It's been an amazing trip. Weather aside, we've had incredible food and an amazing tour guide!  That's made the trip educational and fun. 

I had forgotten how much there is to do here. It's been about twenty years or so since I was here last. The charm and elegance hasn't changed. 


katie eggeman said...

At this stage of my life, I would be able to make a tour with young people.

Paula said...

Oh how I agree with you!! I have trouble keeping up with the kids just walking about in a store! I must work to get into better shape

The Gal Herself said...

I want to hear more about the food. (Is it bad to admit that in response to a post about your shape?)

Mary said...

We walked not 7Km in Quebec cite on a recent visit, but about 15 miles one day--oops. Mixed up those KMs and miles! I think I lost 10lbs in 10 days :)