ten things tuesday

Linking up with Ten On Tuesday this week.

This week's topic is: 10 Things You Love To Do Outside.

1) Sit on the porch.

2) Sit on the porch and knit.

3) Sit on the porch and read.

4) Sit on the porch and nap.

5) Sit on the porch and talk to my friends or family.

6) Go for a leisurely drive.

7) Go for a road trip.

8) Stargaze.

9) Watch the sunset.

10) Listen to the ocean or nearby water source.


  1. I agree; sitting on the porch is perfect, whether you just sit or do it along with other things!

  2. The porch is indeed the BEST thing about being outside! I agree!!

  3. Sitting on the porch is one of my favorites too! Looking so forward to being able to do it soon.

  4. Loved your answers. Especially the ones about sitting on the porch!!

  5. I've never actually seen anyone knitting outdoors. Or maybe I have and just haven't noticed. This spring, I shall keep my eyes peeled.