ten things tuesday

Ten things rattling round in my head today:

1) There is a commercial for Ritz crackers with the people playing the card game SPOONS. It makes me so happy. I remember playing with my cousins and my sisters.

2) I bought some gorgeous yarn. It came in the mail today and I can't wait to knit with it. The color is so rich.

3) It's time to refresh my undergarments. Out with the old.

4) I've been looking at a lot of Van Gogh paintings lately.

5) My most recent visit to my hair goddess (end of January) still has me loving my hair.

6) While on staycation, I don't usually eat enough during the day so I get really hungry. Like I am now.

7) I actually have 3.3k followers on Pinterest!

8) I'd like to take a road trip sometime this week. I hope the weather cooperates. Today is icy/rainy.

9) I've been binge watching a lot of shows lately--discovering Shades of Blue and Lucifer.

10) Dunkin' Donuts brownie batter donuts are my favorite.


Paula said...

I love that print. Enjoy your stay-cation

Lisa said...

1. Some of my underwear is so ratty and I keep hearing my mom's voice about 'what if you were in an accident and they find you wearing ratty underwear?" (I don't think she actually said that but I'm pretending she did.) New underpanties are needed here as well.

2. Why did you mention brownie batter donuts? Oh for the love of all that's holy. (Dashes off to DD)

3. hi! :) Just saying hello.