booking through thursday

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Do you own multiple copies of any books? Why? Is it the format? Size? Just because you love it?

I own multiple copies of the Harry Potter series--paperback and digital, because JK Rowling was slow to release them in digital format. I also have digital and print copies of Light A Penny Candle by Maeve Binchy, Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett, several Stephen King books, Eureka Street by Robert McLiam Wilson, and A Prayer for Owen Meaney by John Irving. They are my favorite books and I read them in print before reading them digitally. And a few I also have audio versions of. They are also the books I gift most often.


DawnTreader said...

I have print + audio copies of the Harry Potter series, but not (yet) digital. I have mostly re-read them (several times) by listening to them.

Paula said...

I have yet to read any Harry Potter. I am interested in Ken Follett though!

Unknown said...

I must have three or four copies of Sarah Vowell's Assassination Vacation. Audio's the best, though.