sunday stealing

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Laundry Day Meme

Do you know any couples that have been married for a very long time? yes--my sister has been married since 1982
What are you tired of people telling you? how to vote
Which type of ice cream do you prefer? Ben & Jerry's
Do you have a little sister? What’s her name? I am the little sister
What was the last movie you watched on TV? Date Night and Shakespeare in Love
If the internet was not available right now, what would you do instead? knit and listen to an audio book
Do you complain a lot? no, I don't think I do
Name a movie that your favorite actor is in. Ocean's Eleven
Do you like your toes? yes
Would you rather go to an authentic haunted house or an ancient temple? ancient temple
Have you ever had champagne? Did you like it? yes and yes
Are there any seashells in your room? I have a jar of sea glass and shells
What was the reason for the last time you went outside? took some garbage out
Do you like fruity or minty gum? minty
Are you looking forward to any day of this month? I'm looking forward to vacation in February
What was the last graduation you attended? at school, last June
Do you rummage through the $5 movie bin at Walmart every time? I don't go to Walmart very often and I usually go for something specific, which is a long way of saying no
What day of the week do you usually do laundry? usually on the weekend, Saturday
Do you like using air fresheners? yes
Are your nails ever painted red? they are a deep red now
When you were a baby, did you have a favorite blanket? I don't think I did
Ever been on a cruise? well, technically I have but it was a one-night harbor cruise
Would you rather go to Alaska or Russia? Alaska
Strawberries or bananas? strawberries
Are you wearing socks? I am
When’s the last time you went to the mall? uhm... hmmm... the mall in town is so awful, there are few stores, I was there at the end of December


Cat. said...

You and me, baby sisters without our special blankets. ;-)

Also, we don't even HAVE a mall near here!

CountryDew said...

Our mall is okay for the size of Roanoke, I suppose. Big city areas have overwhelming shopping spaces, for sure.