sunday stealing

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Feisty Twenty-five Meme

Do you like to see it snowing outside? it's pretty
Do you tell your family you love them enough? yes
Do you like getting jewelry or do you not wear any? I don't wear much jewelry
Do you watch a lot of NFL football? no
Have you ever used the word ‘lame’? I don't anymore
Are you/Were you in a band? If so, what was your band name? I wish!
When is the last time you went to the doctor? December was my annual physical
Do you own any shirts with a peace symbol on it? I do, it's peace love and knitting
Would you ever go to Japan? no, I have no interest in going to Asia
What was the last thing you went to Walmart for? I think I was looking for a certain type of yarn
Ever gotten in a car accident? nothing significant, just fender benders
Have you ever been in a choir? yes
Do you like the color of your eyes? If not, what color would you want them? mine are dark green hazel
When was the last time you went ice skating? in college, it's been at least 30 years
Do you like to brush your teeth? no, I don't like to
Have you ever had a surgery? just my wisdom teeth, if that counts
Do you look older or younger than you actually are? younger
When is the next time you’ll be up on stage? hmmm... I'm not sure, maybe during academic awards in May
Where did you spend your last birthday? I celebrated for a long time, but the actual day was spent at work
What is the last show that you watched a full episode of? Friends
Do you know anyone who lives in Utah? some family friends do
Is there anything you need to work on doing soon? I need to get knitting some charity hats
Do your feelings get hurt easily? if they do, I get over it fast
Do you, or do you know someone who has taken karate lessons? I never have, but I have some students who are black belts
Were you ever a boy or girl scout? no, I never was


I am Harriet said...

Once every five years or so I am told to get my wisdom teeth removed. They are not even bothering me and there is nothing wrong with them.

CountryDew said...

I had my wisdom teeth out when I was in my teens. I forget to count that one as a surgery when people want a number. If I count that, it makes it ... 12. And I will never have another one, I don't care what is wrong with me.

ShannonW said...

I need to go to the doctor soon for my annual exam. I don't remember when/if I went last year. Thanks for the reminder! :)

Mimi Lenox said...

Students with black belts in the classroom might come in handy. Think about it.....

Stacey Minter said...

Great answers. I hope you have a great evening. :)

The Gal Herself said...

Your answer about Japan is similar to mine. Maybe Switzerland. Maybe England. But I never think about traveling to Asia.