saturday 9

Don't You Care

1) What's something that seems to fascinate everyone else, but you just don't care about? the Republican debates

2) The lyrics refer to "the times we cried and laughed." Which did you do more recently, cry or laugh? Oh, laugh for sure!

3) In the song, our hero seems surprised that his girlfriend doesn't believe him. Are you more believing and trusting, or suspicious and skeptical? I'm skeptically trusting

4) This song is just over two minutes long, which seems short for a song but awful long when Sam is waiting for her chicken soup to heat in the microwave. What's the last thing you heated in a microwave? a chunk of lasagna

5) This week's band, The Buckinghams, was one of the first acts to perform at Chicago's premiere summer festival, The Taste of Chicago.* Let's think ahead: Have you made any plans for Summer 2016? My Pennsylvania sister and her family are coming for a visit! And the Whoopie Pie Festival is at the end of June, other than that... no, I haven't made plans

6) In 1967, when this song was popular, Rolling Stone magazine published its first issue. What magazines do you subscribe to? Do they arrive in the mail, or do you read them online? I get O, the Oprah Magazine digitally

7) Country star/American Idol judge Keith Urban was born in 1967. Are you watching the final season of American Idol? I want to watch it On Demand

8) In 1967, the average cost of a movie ticket was $1.25. By 2015, it had risen $8.60. What's the last movie you saw in a theater? I think the last movie I saw was Inside Out

9) Random question: Sam's taking everyone out to dinner and she's buying. Would you prefer the steak or the lobster? I'll get the steak

*Though back in 1970, it was called ChicagoFest.


Cat. said...

I haven't watched any of the debates, except the soundbites, Dem or Rep. Talk about skeptical!! I'm all over that when it comes to this crew.

Do you know how much I'd love to attend the Whoopie Pie Festival!?! :-)

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

I'm with you on the debates! Plus the news covers them extensively, over and over, so we don't even have to watch. It's sh$& show!!!

I am Harriet said...

It's not so much of the debates as it is everyone talking about them before and after. Like the world stopped and nothing else happened.

CountryDew said...

Several "O" readers in our group. I like the positive spin it puts on things. I think it's one of the best magazines out there.

The Gal Herself said...

Oh, lasagna! Sigh. I used to envy your relationship with your sisters. Now I covet your dairy! Cheese, gooey melting cheese ...

Unknown said...

Did the lasagna last week for the girls when they came home late.