just finished

I listened to this on the recommendation of Snarkypants. And I'm so glad I listened to it rather than read it. Shonda Rhimes tells it like it is. And hearing her voice tell it like it is is superior to my internal reading voice attempting to tell it like it is for Shonda.

I admit, I have watched a few episodes of Grey's Anatomy and have never seen Private Practice, Scandal, or How To Get Away With Murder. I really didn't know much about Shonda Rhimes. Now that I've listened to her wit and wisdom and become BFF with her, it's a whole new world of binge-watching opening up before me.

I'm not a working mom. But I am a working woman struggling with keeping it real in the face of society's expectations. And I found a lot of wisdom in her lessons.


Paula said...

Another one to add to my list! I love all of her shows. We watch them all!!

Lisa said...

Yes, listening to her read it made ALL the difference, I thought. It really was just like sitting down and having a gab fest with a good friend. I had only watched some of HTGAWM and lost interest after the first season and had never seen Grey's Anatomy (GASP!) but started watching it after she talked a lot about the character Sandra Oh plays.

This book gave me a lot of hope and humor. One of my favorites. Glad you liked it!