friday 5

  1. What’s something you make that takes a really long time to cook?
  2. because it needs to set overnight, my chili recipe takes a long time
  3. Of books you’ve completed, which took you the most time to get from beginning to end?
  4. I didn't think I'd ever finish Frog Music by Emma Donoghue
  5. What’s a movie that seemed much longer than it was?
  6. I watched some dreck last week that went on and on, I can't remember the name
  7. Who was your partner for your first slow dance?
  8. wow--I have no idea! But I do remember a slow dance with my best guy friend when I was in middle school to the song "Thank You For Being A Friend"
  9. What decision are you dragging your feet toward making?
  10. choosing a new knit project, I just can't decide!


Unknown said...

I thought I would be the only one who had to dig deep in the memories to find the first slow dance partner. :)

You can find my answers here:

Have a great weekend!

Greetje said...

I remember the guy well.
We danced once, that was it.


have a good weekend.

Cat. said...

What a great memory for your dance!

Also, 'dreck' is my thought about an awful lot of movies anymore. There are whole swaths of actors that I'm just not interested in seeing. Ah well, thankfully, there are still books. ;-)

Paula said...

I can't remember my first slow dance either! But I love that you danced with your best guy friend to that song!!!!