friday 5

  1. When did you last wear a lei (or something similar)?
  2. it actually wasn't too long ago, it was as an ice breaker activity at a workshop I attended
  3. What are your thoughts on organically grown produce?
  4. I try to get organically grown produce, I figure if I can intentionally get fewer chemicals, that's a good thing!
  5. Which Goldie Hawn movies have you seen?
  6. there are fewer that I haven't seen!
  7. What’s something you’ve recently and reluctantly flown solo on?
  8. bah! I reluctantly had to dine alone in a town I am not too familiar with for a few days
  9. What experience do you have with BB or pellet guns?
  10. none whatsoever, I was afraid I'd put an eye out with that thing

1 comment:

Paula said...

I'll admit it! I laughed out loud at your last answer!!