ten things tuesday

Ten random things:

1) Had my annual physical yesterday. Weight is down, blood pressure is down. All systems are Go!

2) Also, my thyroid is not behaving. I'm going to start taking meds, we'll see if it makes a difference.

3) Finally got some results from my colonoscopy--things are so good I don't need another one for years!

4) I am current on all my grading at school.

5) I think I'm almost finished my Christmas knitting--I can think of two projects I have yet to tackle.

6) Secret Santa starts next week and part of my gift is a small tree for day one, lights for the second day, and decorations for the third day.

7) I need a new show to binge-watch. I finished Jane the Virgin on Netflix. Loved it! Can't wait to see what happens next.

8) It's time to inventory all the shopping I've done to see where my Christmas gifting is. I think I've got everyone done. I should mail soon, too.

9) I can't wait for my tattoo appointment! Just a few weeks. :-)

10) I need to organize my Christmas music collection. And dig out the cds for my car--I need to go old school and listen to some I haven't heard in a long time!


The Gal Herself said...

So glad you received so much good medical news.

Have you tried House of Cards? PBS ON DEMAND here is showing almost all of Downton. I'm thinking of doing a binge on those two.

katie eggeman said...

I have jumped on the 10 Tuesday with you today....really are you getting a tattoo? Hope it does not hurt too much.

Lisa said...

YEY for good health reports. Just finished my colonoscopy. That was fun (NOT).