saturday 9

Chuck E.'s in Love

1) In this song, Chuck E.'s friends look for him at the pool hall and the drugstore. If we want to find you on a Saturday afternoon, where should we look? I can be found in my comfy recliner or the laundromat

2) The lyrics tell us his friends know something up with Chuck E because he's even combed his hair. So here's a question about your hair: do you usually use a blow dryer or let it air dry? air dry

3) In this song, Ricki Lee sings that she spotted Chuck E. at the Pantages, a grand old Los Angeles theater. Nearly 100 years old, the Pantages was originally a movie palace and was renovated in the 1980s for concerts and theatrical productions. Tell us about a cool landmark in your town. The local movie theater is named after a harness race horse.

4) "Chuck E." is a real person. Chuck E. Weiss is a blues musician and DJ who hung around with Ricki Lee and her boyfriend ... until he fell in love. Have you ever had a friendship fall by the wayside when one of you entered a romantic relationship? one of my best friends is guilty of dumping me when she got her guy

5) Rickie Lee was once married to a French musician named Pascal Nabet-Meyer. Say something to us in French. Je suis excité d'aller déjeuner avec mon ami.

6) When her popularity was at its height, Rickie Lee appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone twice. Who have you seen on a recent magazine cover? Santa

7) Rolling Stone called Rickie Lee "the duchess of cool." Who is the coolest person you know? my colleague, Alana

8) 1979 was a good year for Rickie Lee, what with her big hit record and the Rolling Stone covers. But it was a terrible year for The Who, because eleven of their fans died during an Ohio concert. What's your favorite Who song? "You Better You Bet"

9) Rickie Lee moved to New Orleans, a city she fell in love with after a visit. Have you ever gone to a vacation spot and wished you could just stay there forever? I loved Ireland, although I wasn't there on vacation


The Gal Herself said...

Enjoy your lunch with your friend. (I found a French/English site.)

We picked the same Who song!

PS When did you rotate to a new George photo? I just now noticed.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

My sister loves Ireland. About every five years she goes back!

I am Harriet said...

I remember the days of gals dumping friends for guys. They sure learn a lesson when the guys dump them :)

CountryDew said...

Ireland's on my "one of these days" list. Doubt I ever get there but a gal can dream. (and I don't envy you the laundromat)

Cat. said...

I was fortunate that my boyfriend liked all my friends (and, mostly, vice versa), so we just all hung out together.

Why name a theater after a horse? I'm off to check out your link. ;-)