my grown-up christmas list

December 2: Your 2015 Christmas List.

There is nothing I need. So, I'm going to put down ridiculous luxuries:

1) iPhone 6 (I can upgrade in January and will probably get one then, but free would be fun)
2) A new bed. Something firm and comfortable.
3) Lots of yarn. The good kind. From Loveknitting or Webs.
4) My Barnes & Noble Nook wishlist. Hey, go big or go home, right?
5) I do have a few things on my Amazon wishlist--so why not throw that in for good measure.
6) Warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies. 3 of them. That's not too piggy, right?
7) A massage.
8) A pedicure.

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Paula said...

I love this. I think I will steal the idea and make my own grown up Christmas list for a blog post. I love everything on your list. Well except for yarn. I don't knit. But if I get the yarn, I'll give it to you. Oh and massages. I don't like massages. But pass me those cookies. ...