must see movie

December 1: Favorite Christmas movie.

Easy answer: Elf!

I think avoided it because I wasn't a huge SNL/Will Ferrell fan, but when I went to see the movie in the theater, I went with one of my senior elective classes. We decided to all go together and the audience was full of responsive but not obnoxious movie goers. A couple of my students brought siblings with them so there was a pretty good sized crowd of us (just shy of 20). We munched popcorn and sang along (at appropriate times). And I was delighted. Not just with the movie but with the fact that those kids wanted to hang out with me outside of class and that all their parents let us go. Plus I really did love the movie.


The Gal Herself said...

I love stories about people seeing movies in a theater.

Unknown said...

Elf's a big favorite at our house, too.